Our House: In the Middle of the Street

by Epitome of Dolly

…Previously on Dolly’s thoughts …

. I am the life source of my room’s material body.

My room is my home and also a part of a bigger home.

The bigger home houses other rooms.. . bodies…sources of life

I share the bigger home with my family. They have made homes of their rooms, for their rooms are them. They bring life to their room in the same way they bring life to their bodies. Together we make the bigger house. It is not the bigger house with-out us. Without us there is no home. THIS HOUSE IS OURS

I am the bedroom in my house

and my house is the bedroom in the bigger house.. .

and the bigger house is the bedroom in an even bigger house. . . and this is just a series of bodies/bedrooms/ houses. . .


My Brother’s room is next to mine

My Brother's Room is next to mine

I am awake walking in the middle of the hallway

I notice that everyone in our little house is sleeping in their rooms … and their bodies are resting … …  in the morning.

The family Next door

I am awake walking in the middle of the street

I notice that everyone in our bigger house is in their houses sleeping in their rooms… and their bodies are resting. . . …in the morning.

This is our house and you are all my brothers and sisters.